Hathor n Temidara ft @ #southsideopenmic

Hathor Hendrix is a dallas native who’s been performing locally for nearly a year. in addition to being an artist and lover of the arts she is also a fitness professional. it is her love of music and the opportunity to express her world that motivates her to sing, dance and other artistic expression. being able to tell and share stories of good and maybe not so good, yet and still it is her personal experiences that will hopefully, in the words of b randall, “touch, move and inspire”.

Temidara is an earthling, raised in the highland hills area of dallas. she’s been performing since the age of 14 and during the past year has returned to the stage after a ten year hiatus. she says, “I was afraid to share my thoughts in fear of rejection. But I too am Urban Poetry. One that discovers what it means to be your Authentic Self. Getting beyond ones own self created illusions. to being my true self at all times. Urban Poetry is the Phenix that Still Rises.”

i have enjoyed these ladies perform together @ Verse & Rhythm and IN THE WORDS OF A SISTAH: THE EVOLUTION. the energy these women bring to the stage is vibrant and complimentary, don’t miss their fresh sound delivered this sunday 3.22.15. in their joint feature performance @ Hathor n Temidara ft. @ #southsideopenmic <click for more info and event details. #southsideopenmic – community voice gathers on 7pm sunday @ RL’s Blues Palace 3100 grand ave dallas, tx (near fair park) contact Annika Michelle 682.667.5164 xo

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