God’s Poet ft. @ #southsideopenmic

LaTricia “God’sPoet” Murray is a Christian, Poet, Spoken word artist and Writer. She has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old. She was born, and raised in Dallas, TX, currently residing in Wylie, TX where she is the mother of two beautiful children (a son and daughter). She has a passion for sharing her gift of poetry and God’s word, which has led her into the spoken word arena, where she is described as an anointed speaker, a difference maker, intelligent and awe-inspiring. Latricia believes that words are God-given gifts and should be used to inspire and motivate others to greatness and prayerfully a glimpse of who Christ is. Her intent is to reach the hearts and souls of any and everyone with the word of God.  The love and gospel of Jesus is her message, which she delivers through the sassiness of her down-to-earth poetic ministering. She describes her poetry as Poetic Praise.

She is truly an individual and her unique sound and style remains in a category of its own. When you hear her name, be prepared to be enlightened, encouraged and uplifted.

Visit http://www.heisthewriter.com/ for more information and join us sunday 4.5.15 for an anointed evening of spoken word.

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