marcus d ft. @ #underground

If U dunno Marcus D here’s a lil background of the man and his lifework. It is evident that from early on he has been a conscious brother amidst the harsh social reality facing black men in economically disadvantaged communities. As a student at South Grand Prairie High School he worked with Montel Williams to establish the campus Black Student Organization. Shortly thereafter he had a pivotal role in the foundation of the Dalworth Citizen Community Review Board. He found notoriety when he became a rapper with the Hip Hop Gangstaz and has been on tour opening for such artists as Heavy D, Bel Biv Devoe and Spice 1. One of his singles was K-104’s number one hit for an entire month just three days after it was released. He has worked in Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami with several major recording labels, including working as a ghost writer Knite Lite which became Death Row Records upon the partnership of Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Partway through his career he became disenchanted with drugs and gangs so Marcus D transitioned into a gospel rapper recording with Grapetree Records and has organized nearly a dozen peace rallies. While seeking to overcome the remnants of his former lifestyle, Marcus D has spent some time incarcerated yet he continues to create music that speaks to and from the streets. He has also hosted his own four-year running radio show. No longer identifying with a particular label or genre, Marcus D now refers to his work as ‘life music’ and he is steadfast in his commitment to using his music to enlighten others to escape some of the social confines that he once experienced. Marcus​ D has been selected as the featured artist for the underground resurrection​! don’t  miss him monday 5.11.15 7pm Club Reserved​ 2701 e. lancaster av fort worth, tx 76103 for more info contact Annika Michelle​ 682.667.5164 or see event details

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