danial “young dj” jenkins

TODAY! Danial Jenkins was inspired to write poetry as an adolescent by sharing what he read with others and wanted to pen his own voice. His writing is a way for him to express himself creatively and release his internal thoughts. He first performed at South Side Open Mic – Community Voice in 2016 at Dallas International Street Church and has also performed at The Relief Session at Absinthe Lounge. Born and raised in Battle Creek, MI, Danial Jenkins has been a Dallas, TX resident for nearly nine years and currently works at Glory Thrift Store under the operation of Karen Dudley Ministries. He is looking forward to one day publishing his work so it can be shared with a wider audience. Don’t miss his debut feature performance Saturday 4.16.16 2706 S. 2nd Ave. Dallas, TX 75210 3pm write session 4pm open mic facebook.com/events/1249603485053017danial
#southsideopenmic has always been about taking spoken word to the people, providing opportunities for people to find and develop their creative pen/voice and sharing with others. we invite people who want to develop their writing and performance at any level to join us saturdays @ dallas international street church for an unforgettable enriching experience. be a friend n tell a friend, xo #likeshareinvite #volitionunlimited

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