juq’o vibe ft. @ #lilcajunopenmic

Keagan Austin (Better known as Juq’o Vibe) is the creator of the “Lame Lyfe” movement. He lives by the phrase “I WILL NEVER CHANGE, IF BEING YOURSELF AIN’T COOL, THEN I’M FOREVER LAME.” The word L.A.M.E. is an acronym that stands for “Living According to My Expectations” promoting individuality and self-acceptance.

Juq’o Vibe, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a songwriter, producer, and motivational speaker who has been able to spread the LAME LYFE movement through spoken word and music. Juq’o Vibe teaches people that it is ok to be yourself even if others do not consider it “COOL.” Lame Lyfe is all about ignoring trends set by others but starting your own trends by being an individual.

join us 8-10pm tuesday 1.31 @ Lil Cajun Grill & Sports 5215 singing hills dr. oak cliff, tx free admission $5 kitchen/bar minimum

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