shasparay ft. @ #unlimitedpoetryslam

Shasparay is a refreshing and formidable new voice that is being heard all over the nation. She was considered the 2nd ranked female youth poet in the world in 2014 and was just recently ranked the 5th Female Poet in the World (2016). She is also the inaugural NAACP ACT-SO Poetry Performance gold medalist. Shasparay published a poetry book called “Say it with Your Chest” which has been praised for its honesty and form. She controls crowds whether they be intimate or contain thousands of people. In 2016 an inspired room gave her a standing ovation after she skillfully delivered her first TED Talk with TEDxYouth Austin. She contributes to her community with art activism and speaks out against issues such as domestic violence and discrimination. Shasparay was Miss Juneteenth Austin 2015 and received local recognition for being an example of Black excellence. She has mastered public and motivational speaking, and brings a unique perspective to any subject or platform if given the opportunity.

Unlimited Poetry Slam is honored to have Shasparay as our featured artist 3.13.17 as a sendoff for her to represent our team in the Women of the World Poetry Slam. visit wowps.2017 for more festival/tournament info.

Unlimited Poetry Slam is a poetry slam organization registered with Poetry Slam, Inc. and is comprised of spoken word artists and supporters promoting the development of the art for writer/performers and audiences alike. Unlimited Poetry Slam operates weekly spoken word open mic & poetry slam competitions at @ Fūshā’s Lounge 130. E. Bardin Rd. All are invited to share on the mic for the first time, as a professional or sit back and enjoy others’ performance. This is our first year participating in national competition and we need your support to build a home team in the heart of Arlington, Texas. Unlimited Poetry Slam is dedicated to the development of an inclusive community that celebrates the art of spoken word for all, join us. #weareunlimited

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