joshua isaiah robinson writing scholarship

Hailing from Charlotte Amalie, U.S.V.I. Illegible Unchained started writing around age four, including short stories that his cousin helped him sell earning him the nickname “the little extortionist”. Engaged with other activities of childhood, he put down his creative pen for some years, resuming around age ten. Illegible Unchained created fantastical worlds full of magic and violence as an escape from the problems he was facing. Some of the content was concerning to the adults around him so again he stopped writing for a time. Later, Illegible Unchained became an avid songwriter for a metal band started with friends. Soon songs became poems and he went to an open mic for the first time when he was eighteen. Awed and inspired by the diverse talent he witnessed, he continued to develop his craft with the release of Searching Self for Substance during 2016. Illegible Unchained’s goal in writing and performing is to provoke the audience to deeper thought. Illegible Unchained says, “I’m not trying to save the world, I’m trying to make the world worth saving.” Searching Self for Substance is the debut publication by Illegible Unchained, stage and pen name of Joshua Robinson. This collection of poems takes the reader on a dark journey down the author’s path to emotional enlightenment. From tumultuous beginnings through exploring his early adulthood independence.

Joshua Robinson was born April 16, 1992, in St. Thomas to Louis and Giselle Robinson and passed away August 25, 2016. He loved to listen to music and like his mother, poetry had become a big part of his life. He enjoyed sharing his poetry on stage with other poets and was a very talented writer. Joshua enjoyed great times with his family and considered his closest friends as his family as well. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

In his honor, The Joshua Isaiah Robinson Writing Scholarship has been established to benefit individuals who have have a passion for writing poetry and have struggled with self-harm or suicide ideation/attempts and have stayed in residential care due to a mental health diagnosis. Submissions for The Joshua Isaiah Robinson Writing Scholarship will be accepted April 1 through July 31 each year and awarded on or before August 31. Applicants must submit a letter describing themselves, writing aspirations and a separate original poem up to one page in length via email to

Proceeds from the sale of Searching Self for Substance will fund The Joshua Isaiah Robinson Writing Scholarship as well as contributions from donors.

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