Founder Annika Michelle began hosting open mic’s in Fort Worth during Fall 2013 toward the close of her graduate school career. Combining her knowledge of social justice advocacy with her creative talents she developed partnerships to expand the scope of her vision and transformed Volition Unlimited into a non-profit organization. The purpose of Volition Unlimited is to raise awareness and empowerment through the arts and community service. Volition Unlimited currently operates three weekly open mic events, monthly workshops and online communities that nurture and promote the art and artists of spoken word. Empowerment begins with the knowledge that one has power and is accompanied by the assertion of that power. Volition Unlimited operates under the premise that the creative writing process with the intent of being shared publicly gives the author/performer the opportunity be deliberately mindful of collective sharing of information. Individuals can connect socially through relatable narratives. In addition, collective empowerment is comprised of individual empowerment which spoken word offers. Many artists and audiences report spoken word as having therapeutic benefits. Historically, social movements have been influenced and facilitated in part by the activism of spoken word. Through the contemporary oral tradition offered at an open mic poetry reading individuals are able to share content of their choosing in a community setting. This is a valuable opportunity in a society where much of the culture and entertainment is determined by those who stand to profit commercially and sometimes do so without regard for the social implications, especially to those most marginalized in society. Empowerment starts with a voice, a voice inside that says ‘I can’.

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enjoy our videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtTvw_Y8VBvwVe_UdgmGo7g

email: volitionunlimited@gmail.com
or contact dfw’s hottest hostess annika michelle directly @ 682.667.5164

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