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Brenian Swift is a progressive, conscious-hip-hop artist and vocalist out of Dallas, Texas (“Oak Cliff! That’s his hood!”) who fancies himself a warrior poet and “the thinking man’s emcee”. Influenced by the likes of such music artists and lyricists as Sun Ra, Peter Tosh, Jim Morrison, Isaac Hayes, eighties new wave crooners, Chuck D, Brother J from X-Clan, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, Tu Pac, Kool Keith, and Andre 3000, Swift’s style of delivery can best be described as witty and fiery, but always poignant and thought-provokingly. From metaphorical, figurative and literal references inspired by his personal studies in Afrofuturistic culture, Solomonic proverbial wisdom, Gnosticism, eastern and western mysticism and philosophy, mythic cosmology and a love of sci-fi television shows/films and popular culture, to a revolutionary outlook on life in what he deems an institutionalized, brainwashed society, for the most part, Brenian represents an irresistible alternative to the materialistic, sexiest, egocentric, trash-pop rap scene of today for any freethinking listener. He is without a doubt an eccentric one-of-a-kind emcee. Swift considers himself to be a member of the Afrofuturian Movement that is devoted and determined to alter the self-destructive course and destiny of Afrikan people by offering a sound alternative in the resurrection of ancient mystic wisdom and insight combined with the scientific understanding and technological developments of the modern age that will serve to give rise to a golden age of humanity in the form of a conscious, self-reliant life-affirming culture.

Swift’s debut album Escape from Scar City: A Beginner’s Guide to Terraforming Part 1 is currently available online. It is not only Swift’s debut as an artist but as a music producer under his moniker Sky Page. The album pairs Swift as Raven Looks Deeply alongside his longtime partner in grind Mokah Soulfly as Waxing Moon. They form a lyrical and melodic performance art based trip-hop duo dubbed as MysticVerse. It is an Afrofuturistic Escapade in mystic imagery and sound. Visit http://www.enterthemysticverse.com for music, video and more.

His latest publication ‘Restless Is the Wind: Ponderings and Poetry of a Renegade Shaman’ is a collection of twenty poems peculiarly paired with pithy insights for readers’ delight and enlightenment. It is a reflection of one man’s struggle for self-discovery and greater understanding in pursuit of self-liberation and empowerment. Click here for more information on this publication.

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