Poetry For Change Charity Awareness & Fundraiser Slam Participants

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charity slam anita

Anita Crethers is a lover and a writer of poetry. She has been writing since the age of 9. Anita has performed and competed at several slams and events from the Million Man March reenactment @Paul Quinn to the Tarrant County COLLEGE Poetry Slam . Anita also has a poem entitled ‘In the Mean and Between Time’ published by Eber & Wein in ” This Time Around: Safe Harbor” Anita passion is the creating and performing of here poetry. She has also featured at South Side Open Mic and Verbal Orgasm, two popular venues in Dallas, TX. Anita has chosen to represent Promise House and states: “This organization helped me through a hard time in my life. It is the only shelter in Dallas to provide shelter to pregnant teens who are not emancipated or 18 or older.Their also one of the few shelters that focuses on the struggle of homeless teens both male and female. They find solutions for these teens family and living issues without the juvenile system being the first a option. I lost my mom at 13 was pregnant at 14 and on the streets at 15 they took me in and gave me stability, structure and assisted me in finding the direction for my life. Promise House help from 15 til I was 24 years old and I would love to give them a little in return for all they have given to me. Hopefully my gift can help them give another teen a Promise for their future.” www.promisehouse.org

charity slam awaji

Awaji Johnson is another well-known poet who has featured at several local venues as well as competed on national teams, he is representing the Testicular Cancer Foundation, www.testicularcancer.org

charity slam jack

Jack Braun has been attending weekly creative writing workshops and camps at NYC-based non-profit Writopia Lab for about five years. He regularly performs his spoken word poetry at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and has also done readings at Barnes and Noble and Book Culture. This year, he had one of his plays produced at an off-Broadway theater as part of Writopia Lab’s week-long Worldwide Plays Festival. This year he also won several Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards gold and silver awards for his poetry and also received the Scholastic Writing Awards American Voices Award for one of his poems — an award given for the top five poems out of over 11,000 submissions from 7th – 12th graders in the NY region. He performed one of his award-winning poems at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the Scholastic Regional Awards opening ceremony and his American Voices Award poem was displayed at the Met during the Scholastic Awards’ month long exhibition. Writopia Lab is a non-profit NYC-based organization serving the U.S. that brings creative writing to all who want it, whether or not they can afford it, serving kids ages 8 – 18. Jack is a poet who writes spoken word poetry and performs it in NYC.www.writopialab.org

charity slam lgb

LGB was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Legend has it, that he was raised by a family of gators. He started out as a rapper but his rap career was short lived, very short, rumor has it that he performed for a group of Voodoo Doctors and was so terrible they put a voodoo curse on him that gave him the ability to write poetry with a mixture of comedy. In 2001, LGB put his new skills to the test and became a member of the first ever New Orleans National Poetry Slam Team.
His success was repeated in 2002 and 2003 when he was a member of the New Orleans team both years and helped the 2003 team reach semifinals which was held in Chicago. He then packed up his gators and voodoo poems and moved to Dallas in 2005. In 2010 he spit voodoo at the Dallas Poetry Grand Slam and was crowned the Dallas Grand Slam City Champion and helped the team make it to the semifinals at the National Poetry Slam competition that year. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, he earned spots on the Dallas Poetry Slam team each year by being one of the top five poets in the city. In 2014 and 2015 he was crowned the Dallas Poetry Grand Slam champion once again and became a member of the team for the 6th consecutive year. Rumor has it, he celebrated by swimming in the swamps with his pet gators and performing for the voodoo doctors that cursed him in the beginning. LGB has shared the stage with many great poets, performed on many great stages and in many great cities but his greatest achievement is being able to perform for you. www.autismspeaks.org

charity slam loy

Loy Durrell Harris is a poet from Memphis, TN who has recently relocated to the DFW Metroplex. He is also the parent of an adopted child and is representing AdoptUSKids. www.adoptuskids.org

charity slam mellenee


Miller attended Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in 1999 received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She has published As I Wrestled in the Wilderness, Odyssey of The Chosen, and Stir Your Pure Mind. Miller has received a Master of Humanities from Tiffin University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Miller teaches high school English Language Arts and aspires to continue publishing poetry as well as write and produce screenplays. Miller has two children, a son and a daughter, who are her motivation and inspiration. Miller’s passion lies in knowing adversity can be walked through, and one can come out stronger and wiser than before. Miller desires to be an example for her children and anyone that enters her sphere of influence. Miller says, “I choose this charity because their organization is dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. I believe their mission is to support the woman holistically. They offer services that mentor women, help them reach their educational and economic goals, as well as escape domestic abuse and trafficking.” www.liveyourdream.org

charity slam rage

Rage Almighty is a Boston native and current Dallas resident who has successfully mastered the craft of poetry, hosting and acting. He has made a reputable name for himself through travel and social media evident in the video for his poem “Depression” reaching over 100,000 views on YouTube for example. Some of his greatest accomplishments include being the opening act for hip hop artists Brand Nubian, T.I., and Dead Prez, soul singers Kindred the Family Soul, Chrisette Michelle, Urban Mystic and the Punany Poets as well as world renowned poets Saul Williams and Nikki Giovanni. Rage is also very much a social activist who focuses on helping young people to express themselves positively through art. Above that, one of his most shining achievement was appearing on national TV in Season 4 of Lexus’ Verses and Flow on TV One. When it comes to creativity, Rage is among one of the best utilizing satire to comment on social issues. He is one of a kind and a legend in the making. Rage has worked with Young DFW Writers teaching and mentoring as part of Louder Than A Bomb – Dallas. Louder than A Bomb is a 10 or 20 week writing program. The workshops combine old school craft techniques with new school poetics. Rage says, “I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t learn how to express myself through writing at a very young age. Now that I am older I want to give kids a better opportunity than I had. As a teenage I had to sneak into adult poetry readings, but today there are avenues created for youth. I want the kids in my community to be aware of everything that’s available to them. Young DFW Writers is the perfect organization for that.” http://www.ydfw.org/

charity slam rhema pocket

Rhema “Pocket Size” Lampkins, was born in Colorado Springs on December 27, 1992. She grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by talented members who were always supportive in her endeavors. She later moved to Texas in 2006, around the age of twelve, which became a new starting point for her new life. Rhema first began her exploits of poetry at the age of eight while her confidence was still growing, writing simple poems for her mother’s amusement. As she continued writing itbecame an escape for her to allow the timidity that she harbored to slowly disappear. At the sweet age of sixteen she devoted her life to Christ and it was definitely evident in her poems. Her youth pastor, Nakia Thomas, taught a sermon that inspired her to write a poetic piece called, “Hypocrites”, a poem that spoke of false Christians, who claim they are believers, but their actions speak otherwise. She then was given the opportunity to perform it for the youth ministry. After this performance she felt led by the Spirit to continue her purpose in creating poems. Utilizing her influences like poet, Terrious Janette, and Christian rappers, Christon Gray and Swoope. Because of this, her poems have resonated through her voice full of metaphorical lines and allegorical phrases to transcend her to a new level, and is crafting God’s gift daily. Her most recent performance was at a charity event called, “Mood Swing”, where she performed her latest pieces, “Broken” and “Tomorrow”. She has also performed at several youth services and teen conferences, and will continue to do much more in the future. Rhema shares, “My youngest brother was diagnosed with autism around the age of two. This is one of the main organizations that support him. It’s not the biggest charity yet. It still has some growing to do, and I want to be the one to help them expand.” www.autismresearchtrust.org

 charity slam tameka

Tameka is an established local poet who says, “I am very passionate about eliminating child abuse across. This organization (Dallas Child Advocacy Center ) help children from all walks of like with a fresh start when it seem the odds were stacked up again them.” www.dcac.org

charity slam wayne

Wayne Henry was born and raised in Los Angeles CA. As a kid he developed a passion for reading comics and science fiction novels as a way to escape the harsh reality of his environment. As a teen he found peace in the beauty of his hardship/struggles by painting them on page. So sprouted his spoken word. His passion for life has fueled his writing of love, peace, heartache, truth and the sliver lining of the darkest situation.
He will be represening The Casa For Children foundation in honor of his son Kade Wayne Henry who life was taken too soon by domestic abuse.www.casaforchildren.org

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