UPS’ WOWPS Qualifier Information

Information for competing in Unlimited Poetry Slam’s Women of the World Poetry Slam Qualifier 2017:

Unlimited Poetry Slam Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) Qualifier is scheduled for 7:30-9:30pm Monday January 30, 2017 at Fusha’s Enterprises 130. E. Bardin Rd. Arlington, TX. This slam is open to female assigned or identified individuals, including gender non-conforming individuals beginning with mandatory pre-registration (see link below).

UPS’ WOWPS Qualifier Slam will consist of four rounds as follows:

The order in which the poets perform in the first round is random draw. Subsequent rounds will follow in reverse order. With respect for time allotted with the venue, lower scoring competitors may be eliminated from latter rounds depending upon the number of participants and will be announced before the competition begins. Poets will read a four-minute (or less) poem in the first round. In the second, they read a one-minute (or less) poem. In the third round, poets will read a two-minute (or less) poem. In the fourth round, they will read a three minute (or less) poem. Scoring will be cumulative.

Please visit for additional information on WOWPS tournament and format.

The highest scoring competitor in Unlimited Poetry Slam Women of the World Poetry Slam Qualifier will represent Unlimited Poetry Slam at WOWPS. In the event the highest scoring winner is unable to fulfill representation, the opportunity will be offered to participants in order of next highest score. Registration for Unlimited Poetry Slam’s WOWPS Representative is already paid and coaching is available to assist in preparation for the tournament.

Dallas is the host city for the tournament therefore lodging provision is not anticipated; however transportation to scheduled bouts is available from Unlimited Poetry Slam as needed. Unlimited Poetry Slam WOWPS Representative has the option of selecting a coach/companion or one will be provided by Unlimited Poetry Slam for your support. Two tickets to the tournament’s finals’ stage are also provided by Unlimited Poetry Slam. Please visit  for additional tournament details.

Unlimited Poetry Slam WOWPS Representative will participate in promotional activities to support the ongoing development of Unlimited Poetry Slam including use of name and image and selected portions of work in photographs/videos for public distribution and fundraising.

WOWPS Qualifier Slam participants affirm having read, understand and agree to participate according to Poetry Slam, Inc. (PSi) code of conduct and tournament rules available at

WOWPS Qualifier Slam participants understand the benefits available to Unlimited Poetry Slam WOWPS Representative.

WOWPS Qualifier Slam participants understand and agree to uphold the responsibilities of Unlimited Poetry Slam WOWPS Representative.

Click here to register for UPS’ WOWPS Qualifier and agree to terms as stated above.

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